Paul van Dyk Feat. Sue Mclaren - Lights

'Lights' is the next single to be taken from Paul van Dyk's seventh artist album, 'The Politics Of Dancing 3'. Following (per MIXMAG) the "captivating" long-player's release in May, 'Lights' established itself as a frontrunner favourite with PvD devotees and its single release, as Paul states, is "simply my response to their response!"

In Search Of Sunrise 13.5: Amsterdam - Mixed By Richard Durand & BT

Since the reigns passed from his former mentor Tiësto to Richard Durand, the I.S.O.S. helmsman's search has sailed him to South Africa & Australia; to settings as contrasting as India & Vegas and most recently, in 2014, out to Dubai. Well versed in seeking sun-up in the most exotic and far-flung of spots, this year's 'In Search Of Sunrise' though brings the search considerably closer to its spiritual home. In fact about as close as close gets, which of course means… Amsterdam!

WSTLNDR – Atmostopia

Who, or what even, is WSTLNDR? Well, simply put, it's a new project from Bolier (pka DJ & producer Leon Bolier) - one which has no preordained genre conditions, arrives without a pre-set agenda and is free of any restrictive endgame. Envisaged as a 'no walls' audio-venture, WSTLNDR is one, which is slave only to its own freeform musical architecture. An 'audio ATV' that allows its producer supreme latitude for production roam, with no in-built need to make club floors roar. Your only certainty: the next track will never sound like the last.

Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 6 – Mixed By Roger Shah

Over its lifetime, the Magic Island series has come to typify the antithesis of the phoned-in 'Ibiza' compilation, which crowd-out stores throughout summer. They're a now 7-year and - as of this month - 6-release endeavour on the behalf of their creator Roger Shah, to fold the spirit, aura & essence of the Balearic way into a compilation series..