J00f Editions 2 Vol. 2 Mixed By John 00 Fleming

A year on from it's outing, John 00 Fleming, "one of the pioneers of the electronic dance music scene" (The Daily Telegraph) delivers 'Editions' next sequential chapter. Again adopting his open-to-close set-arc M.O., across 4 nonstop hours, the album collages progressive, tribal, deep, Psy, Goa & melodic trance collectively into that fabled 'J00F sound'.

Cosmic Gate – Start To Feel – The Deluxe Edition

Start To Feel's Deluxe Edition doubles the size of the STF universe, with a galaxy of revisions from top-flight producers. Included among them are Andrew Rayel, Gareth Emery, Mark Sixma, Alexander Popov, Rafaël Frost, Maor Levi & Jorn van Deynhoven. The Deluxe Edition also slots the album's official single release videos into fans' collections for the first time.

Orkidea - Harmonia

Through collaboration, sonic reference, cover version and smartly subtle nuance, Orkidea intensely channels his all into 'Harmonia'. Included are the Beatport #1 charting 'Purity', (per DJ Mag) the "trance-progressively pumping" 'Revolution Industrielle' and the "coolly modulating analogue synths" (MIXMAG) of 'Slowmotion III'. It features collaborative works with Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Activa, Lowland & others, and 'Harmonia' fully comprises 14 new Orkidea recordings.

Paul van Dyk - 'The Politics Of Dancing 3'

A decade and a half in heritage, 10 years since its last outing and 3 years in intricate, collaboration-centric realization, 'The Politics Of Dancing 3' hits stores and floors May 4th. Bringing the album to fruition has seen Paul share studio time with 23 other producers, singers and songwriters. The result is an album that at once retains the musical frequency of the first 'Politics' releases, whilst (in re-tasking it), emphatically plants the series' feet in a new decade.